I Am Wild



I am limitless.

My borders are clearly defined.

But, as in nature, my power knows no bounds.

It abounds,

Pulsing life through each breath that the wind speaks

Across my cheeks.

My soul is attuned to the language.

Every ray of sunshine,

Every dew drop,

My ears hear the magic.

In the rustling of leaves,

In the healing properties

Of dust.

As it settles, calm and serene.

Marking an end,

And a beginning.

Where I cease,

And yet continue to be


Journal Prompts:

What does it mean to live wildly?

In what ways do you wish to live more wildly?

What wild natural phenomenon is your favorite?

What life lessons can we learn from wild phenomenon in nature?


-I am both animal and human.

-I can be strong and serene, nurturing and kind.

-I can also be gravely ruinous and self-destructive.

-My emotions are primal while my consciousness is sophisticated.

-To acknowledge my emotions is to commune with nature, but to be consumed by them is to abdicate my power over them.

By: Kiara Ocasio