Meet Renée


Why did you want to join Breathe & Be Outdoors as an Ambassador?

I got super into hiking during the pandemic because I felt like there was nothing else to do besides be outdoors. The wild may seem like a scary place to some, and especially to women, but with the right training and experiences, there is so much to discover out there - both about our world and ourselves! I would love to help women in their journey.

What's your favorite childhood memory outdoors?

I went to an all-girls sleepaway camp in the middle of nowhere Canada where we would run through the woods, and swim in the lake, and do all sorts of extreme adventures. It was awesome to develop those shared experiences with other girls my age, and to see that we could accomplish a lot more than we thought we could!

What outdoor adventure is on your bucket list?

Hiking all 115 peaks in the North East over 4000' in elevation.

What is your favorite book about adventure, the outdoors, or nature?

Enduring Patagonia - I don't know anything about climbing but the book is so well written, the author transports you to Patagonia and his experiences.

What song is your go-to adventure jam?

I love listening to chill EDM on my super early morning drives to the mountains to help relax my nerves as I'm usually pretty anxious about the adventures that await me - so any songs by Ehrling.

Why should people come to your meetups?

The intent of my meetups will be to provide a safe environment for women to push themselves beyond what they think they are capable of. I love the backcountry so I want to be able to help guide women who may feel like they have no idea where to begin.

What is the one thing you want people to take away from your meetups?

A sense of pride and accomplishment in themselves and their bodies.

What is your guilty pleasure?

sour patch kids