Presence Paradox


Seeds for the Soul

the loudness that can consume a body

places Blinders upon our eyes.

quickens Breath. levitates us

out of our very existence.

we find ourselves in a space all too FAMILIAR.

escapism. a familiar friend.

and in this instance breath a foe.

also too FAMILIAR.

WE fend it off with CLENCHED jaws

and shallow breathing. tight fists.

all of this sounds so quaint

until we were confronted with our reflection.

all too sudden we feel the earth

beneath us. no longer able

to combat the foe that has given us life

all this time.

here we are back in our bodies.

eyes wide open.

breathing slower.


here we are.

back home.

Erica Ndlovu, Writer + Poet
Erica Ndlovu, Writer + Poet