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Our meetups are designed for women who...

love the outdoors

want to make friends

desire meaningful conversations

want to take an intentional pause

Our Method

We believe in the power of the great outdoors, the healing power of the breath, and the transformational power of a great conversation. We specifically curate meetups that will allow you to take a pause, meet friends, and have fun.   

What to Expect

Our Rules

Our meetups are designed to be informal gatherings, with a touch of structure to aid self reflection, conversation, and fun!

Meetups are small groups of women who meet once a month to get out in nature, have meaningful conversation, and take a collective pause together. At each meeting, we will dive into a different intention for the month - ranging from what it means to find balance, to living courageously in our daily lives. All while taking in a beautiful landscape or going on a challenging activity.

Your B&BO Ambassador will lead you through the meetup from start to finish. Once you sign up on our Eventbrite page, they will contact you via email to let you know all the details of your meetup!

Be Here 

Take this time to disconnect from technology and connect with the world around you

Be You

Bring your authentic self to the group

Be Resilient

It's ok to be uncomfortable. Growth happens through discomfort. You are resilient. 

Our Ambassadors

Our meetups are uniquely curated by our incredible team of Ambassadors, so no two meetups look exactly the same.  Click on our Ambassadors to learn more and find meetups in your area!

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 Contact us to become a BBO Ambassador and host meetups in your area!

Breathe & Be Outdoors empowers women to live more intentionally one breath at a time. We are founded on the belief that transformation starts when you step outside. take a breath & look around! We're honored that you're here.